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The Start of "enough"   恩綠的起源

enough of waste, let's make a better place

​感恩綠色泉源 共創美好生活


Meet Isadora

Growing up in Taiwan, I used to carry a bigger handbag so I won't have to pay extra NT$5 for plastic bags when I shop. In 2018,  moving back to Macao from NYC, we had almost forgotten the pain of sorting waste and garbage everyday.

My two girls would ask me , "did you use any plastic bags today?", reminding me of all the good habits I've left behind and how much I've wasted.


However, it is so hard to find reusable product in Macau and the limited items imported can cost a double from the original price. I wish these meaningful Eco-products can be more affordable and accessible to everyone. I wish we can have more choices for these products in China.

After more than 6 months of searching manufacturer to finalizing my own product with back and forth modifying  and trials, patent application process and this website, I'm finally able to make my wish come true. 

It's never too late to pick up where we left off for something meaningful not just for ourselves but everyone and the planet.

在台灣的童年習慣了塑膠袋要用錢買的生活,自備環保袋成了日常必備。在美國生活的日子又習慣了每天垃圾廚余分類的日子。每天被孩子們問我有沒有用塑膠袋, 提醒了我從前的好習慣為何消失了呢?回到澳門,在環保產品和意識缺乏下啟發了創立enough的念頭。超過半年的研發製作,試用到專利申請過程,原來一個人的決心是可以實現任何事情的。



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